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Protect your fabrics with Fabguard. A Water Repellent, Stain Repellent, Anti Microbial and Odourless Product
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This innovative fabric protection product, based on Nanotechnology protects almost any type of fabric from, water, dirt, contamination and stains whilst remaining totally invisible!

It will not affect the appearance, colour, texture or breathability of the fabric. Unlike other scotchguard protection products which contain fluoro chemicals, Fabguard does not need constant reapplication and lasts three to four times longer compared to its competitors even after cleaning. That's saving you money on professional cleaning and potentially replacing your fabrics.

No body will even get to know if the furniture is coated or not until someone accidently spills something on to the fabric to see the mesmerising effects of stain repellency.

This product is exceeding water-resistant on outdoor materials keeping them dryer for a longer period of time. Oil, coffee and other frequent stains do not appear if they have the material treated with FABGUARD.


  • Comes in a 285g recyclable aerosol can
  • Odourless spray invisible to the human eye (thickness of coating : 100-150nm)
  • Food safe (inert)
  • Non-Fluoro (water based eco-friendly),
  • Hyper- Allergenic (skin friendly),
  • Breathable Coating (permeable surface),
  • Non-Carcinogenic (Non cancerous additives).


  • Permanent (UV-stable, very resistant to abrasion),
  • Anti Dust (easy to clean),
  • Simple DIY application
  • Stain Resistance
  • Used on most all fabrics and textiles

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