These 3 things influence the cost of carpet cleaning.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


When a potential customer makes an enquiry about carpet cleaning, one of the first things asked is “ what is the cost of your carpet cleaning service…?” Most enquiries are done via email or digital platforms and phone calls.

Price should not be the determinant factor of whether you go with a particular service as sometimes as the old saying goes “you get what you paid for”.

There are several factors that can determine the price. Quality of work is important but the vast majority of customers will look to price first before considering the quality of the work.

The answer depends on several factors but these are the main three reasons that influence price and a good yard stick to compare price similarities when obtaining a quote:

- Location,

- Property Configuration and

- Level of Service


It is a fact that the closer you live to a densely populated city, the more expensive carpet cleaning service will be compared to a regional area. This is because the cost of running a business in these city areas are often more due to leases, road tolls, parking fees, petrol and many other factors. Carpet cleaners tend to charge more to cover these costs.

Carpet cleaning businesses with more than one employee servicing different areas will often charge more than a one-man band carpet cleaner in your local area. The challenge to contend with would be the quality of the job and what is included in the service provided. (See Level of Service Below)

Property Configuration:

One of the main difficulties in performing a carpet cleaning service is the size and configuration of the property. This includes the landscape and room location in the building where the service is to be performed. All of this has an impact on the cost of the service.

The main problem would be access to get equipment through and to do it without damaging anything that can hinder the customer experience.

Carpet cleaning isn’t as straight forward as some may think. It’s quite labour intensive especially if the property presents access issues to contend with. This is opposed to a drive up fully accessible premises with no barriers or difficulty in access. The price difference for carpet cleaning, say two bedrooms can be significant.

Level of Service:

When a customer asks for a carpet cleaning service some may be completely unaware that there are different levels of carpet cleaning service. Most carpet cleaners will advertise the bare minimum with a starting price e.g., three rooms for $XX.

So, what do you get for the bare minimum? Unless there is no terms and conditions present you can expect disappointment in customer and delivery of the service more times than not.

It is advisable to ask the carpet technician what is included in their service. You will find that some services may have addition charges for example stain removal, deodorising or if a room is larger than the carpet technician’s minimum size.

So, for a reasonable price either over the phone or email an exceptional carpet cleaning company would go through and ask the customer their location, configuration off the property and tell them what’s included in the service then quote and let the customer decide.

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